Sunday, January 06, 2008

A dose of perspective

I've been trying to face my food responsibility issues with a little more proactive energy. I'm hoping to find ways to cook most of our meals on the weekend to freeze ahead for the week. I don't expect to do the marathon "Once a month" cooking frenzies that are described in many places on the net, but if I could get even 3 or 4 meals cooked ahead, that would ease some of the daily burden of cooking.

So this afternoon I'm sitting here planning my cooking, feeling a bit overwhelmed at just figuring out what we need. Then I go check my email, and read a message from my pastor that one of the leaders of our church died this afternoon. I don't understand quite what happened - something about a blood clot or intestinal blockage or something - he was only in his 30's and was a beloved member of our church family.

Please pray for his wife Amy and his parents and family, and for our church. There is much sadness and grief.

All of a sudden, having to plan our meals doesn't seem like such a big deal.