Saturday, November 03, 2007

63rd Marathon tomorrow!

He's almost done it!!!!!

One more day!

63 days straight of running 26.2 miles. All to raise money for research for a cure for Ataxia-Telangiectasia, a rare degenerative genetic disease that affects children. Since September 3rd, Tim and his family have traveled all across the country in a motorhome, each stop and marathon-distance run planned by a family of a child with A-T.

I do not know how he did it, how they all did it. Tim's wife Michelle is a friend of our family, and I'm hoping and praying that Michelle and the kids have held up OK as well. From the itinerary it looks in the last week especially, they had to travel about 6 or 7 hours each day (with two kids age 1 and 3, in a motorhome), between daily stops on their trip. They must be so exhausted.

But the most amazing thing is how Tim has pressed through this physical challenge, all to try to help the kids who struggle everyday to overcome obstacles equally as challenging as running as a marathon. If you have a little time, check out the youtube videos of some of his daily runs and the families of A-T kids involved, at the AT Cure Tour website.

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